Sunday, 1 February 2015


A small boy in a tiny village in remote corner of the world decided to explore. So, he circled around his house; then headed towards the broken narrow dusty path. He was amused to see everything that came in his way. Finally he crossed the fields and stood midst a jungle. The sunlight played hide and seek through the canopy of tall trees. Then he saw something.

“A moving rock” he whispered to himself. The unusual oval shaped rock with an intricate pattern moved slowly. He went close and saw a pair of paws and a head peeping out for a fraction but before he could make out anything it went in and the rock was rock again.

Boy could not leave it there, for him it was a magic unwinding.

He carried it all the way home. He wanted to see what was inside. So he poked it with a stick, needled it with a twig, submerged it in water but nothing happened. He shook it up and and shook it down but finally sat down with a frown!

His grand ma was sitting on a side, watching his tricks and was getting amused.

“Amma, what is this?” he finally went to her to seek some wisdom.

“Kachhua” She spoke in hindi – “Yes a tortoise” She smiled.

“What should I do to see him come out” the boy asked

“Keep it in sun on the grassy patch and come and sit with me” she instructed and he obediently followed.

After sometime the boy saw the head coming out slowly. He started moving on his pace and the boy was thrilled.

“How did it happen?” he looked at his grandma. What his endless efforts could not do, she did it without doing anything.

“Give them a little space and warmth and they will open up” she smiled and the boy got a new friend ‘Kachhua’

Inside us there is a ‘Kachhua’ - Living in a shell trying to protect our self, refusing to come out if pushed or poked but with little space, little warmth, little trust and little compassion – we end up finding a friend for life.