Monday, 10 November 2014


We all know the benefits of exercising, balanced diet, healthy living. Many of us are following it in some or other way, either partially or religiously, for different reasons. For some it is part of their job – to be fit, it includes models or the face of the society. For some it is a passion – to stay forever young. For some it is a challenge – to be the best.

Recently I met someone who is a charming personality. He told me a totally different reason for living a healthy life. It is his story of life in his own words : 

I got married when I was 27. I was blessed with twins after three years of our marriage. I am in sales. That means I have to stay a lot on tour. Also when I am in town, the long meetings, late night stay backs, official parties are part of my job. I was a drinker, smoker and a pure non vegetarian guy. Because of my routine, I had no physical activity. When I reached 34, I was overweight. Against the normal weight of 70-72, I weighed 114 kgs. One day I felt dizzy. So I went to my doctor. He is our family doctor for quite long and one of the most renowned doctors of the town. So a deep faith on him is there and will always be there. He asked me to do a complete body check up.

Next day when I went to his clinic with my reports, he saw the reports closely.
He looked at me and asked “ how many insurance policies you have? ” 

I said “ Many ”. 

Do they cover the natural death as well? " This question coming from a doctor can give you goose bumps. 

I was pale. " What do you mean doctor? " 

He said “ you don’t have much time, high cholesterol, high BP, at very high risk of heart stroke. Since you cannot change my routine and eating habits, better prepare a will. ” He even discussed if I had sufficient funds that can last till the kids are settled and for my wife after that. He gave me a cruel picture of my family, if I couldn't be there for them when they needed me. He literally shook me from inside. I was and still am crazy for my job, but what about my responsibilities beyond them. Am I doing justice to them?

I was stunned. He said, if I can change my lifestyle, the things will improve. It was all in my hands. No medicine will work till I make them work.

I came home and looked at my family. What will happen to them, if something happens to me? - the thought kept me awake the whole night. At 5.30 in the morning I got up and went to the nearby park. I started walking. After a week I felt walking will not help me, so I started jogging. I ran and ran. Since I had no time for the particular gym and that was the only time I could spare, so I followed it religiously. Even on tours, I carried my sneakers and would run on treadmills of the gyms in hotels to the streets of the nearby alley. In a year's time my weight, cholesterol BP everything was under control. I restricted my eating and drinking habits. Quit smoking. Today I am 48, weighing around 68 kgs with no life threats. 

Just because I felt my family is my motivation to stay healthy." 

I am in awe! People have definitely different reasons for doing things. They have different motivations. I am really curious, what is your motivation ?