Friday, 3 October 2014


I was thinking…..Maybe, well, perhaps, what if, mmmm…or simply a pause.

We all use this phrase, and then there is a pause , which is either blank or is filled with a word. It can be as short as a fraction of a second or as long as that it makes the listener die for holding their breath for so long, waiting for us to finish. But how we finish actually depends what processor the brain of speaker is using!

The pause is the most crucial point in such conversation. On the outer surface it represents absolutely nothing but on the inside it is like a workshop busy in creating another God’s particle. Underneath this pause, various tasks are being performed. It makes the speaker look in the eyes of the listener or read the body language or understand the expressions that have surfaced up and then work ferociously on the thought that he is holding; whether he should trim the edges or flower it up or fold it and put it back in the box or simply throw it out of the window or shred it in pieces. Whatever it is, it is a rare phenomenon when the speaker speaks exactly what he was thinking. Often the thought is manipulated, mutilated sometimes completely savaged in that pause period. Sadly people who speak their mind without hesitation are either the World Leaders or are in Asylum. For the majority the process of thinking is subjected to a sub process of thinking (refining and restructuring actually!)

So then why do we use this phrase I was thinking …. Is it a brief moment when we tried to be candid but then it is covered up because of fear of rejection, subject of mockery or lack of self confidence or concern for the listener or simply playing safe? OR Is it the trick our manipulative mind plays with the listener to grab his/her attention?

We keep thinking, endlessly. We never cease to think. Whether we like it, hate it but we do it. Why our body was not designed to lose weight as we think (wishful thinking!) We think even in our sleep. We think when we don’t want to think, and we think when we are already thinking something. We are depressed; we are elated basis on what we think. It is at times observed that the best ideas emerge when we are sitting on the royal seat (The Pot!). Does that imply that releasing the shit out (literally) helps you to clear your mind and think better!

Well, as the few of you, who are reading this blog, are simultaneously thinking:

Some of you are creatively thinking – yes why not to put some of our brilliant thoughts that are creating waves in our brain which we never realized before, in our blog.

Few are analytically thinking – What exactly she wants to convey? Has she gone nuts? (She is already nuts!) Will there be some who will really create a blog?

And a minority is doing some high end thinking - trying to read between the lines to understand what this blog actually means.

Those who have survived till now, for them we all think and analyze, we judge everything basis on what we see, hear, feel, speak or inhale. And then every sensory fragment is sent to the top floor for analysis where it is fed with the knowledge and skimmed with logic and reasoning. Basically what we casually say “to think and react.” We see the world the way we think rather than see the world and then think. We adapt, change and grow emotionally and mentally basis on our thinking process. So it is thinking that makes us what we are. Since it s a dynamic process it can make us what we want to be. So keep thinking and make this world a better place to live :)

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ? Henry Ford